Highlights of 2012


Starting the year way later than usual, with the past year full of personal and professional changes, the website has been a little abandoned over time. But that doesn’t stop us, and to prove that, this first 2012 post is being published from a country far away. Trying to update it as much as possible for this new year to come, we give you some of the highlights of the Portuguese urban art scene for the past year, with no specific order. (We are aware that there are many more moments out there. We just collected a sample of them. Leave your comments below if you feel differently.)

Highlights: Artists

  • MaisMenos± the artist who possibly made the biggest buzz this year, with all his interventions throughout the year
  • Alexandre Farto aka Vhils who’s made shows and carved walls all over the world
  • Gonçalo Ribeiro aka MAR left us with two great solo shows for the past year, as well as great street pieces
  • Bray with his solo show, was able to show his full potential both on canvas and walls. Look out for his new solo show this Tursday

Highlights: Events

  • ARTUR once again with a good choice of artists
  • WOOL extra, aside from the main event of 2011, was able to spread work all over Lisboa
  • Walk & Talk was definitely the event of the year, leaving the Açores island as one of the must go to places to watch street art
  • “Diorama” was one of the biggest solo shows to popup in Portugal by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils
  • “Beyond Walls” was another of the highlights, with António Prates Gallery taking a step forward with it’s contemporary art gallery interest in street art
  • “Urb4n Art Lx”, a great show with an awesome list of artists/illustrators

Highlights: Street Art interventions

A blue bag for a deputy by Adres, from brilliant concept to well executed idea.

Throughout London, Mr. Phomer’s new home, these pieces left quite an impression on the streets.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as this. Pantónio’s Pacman near the Tejo river.

MaisMenos project that took Portugal to it’s “funeral”, was probably the most controversial piece of the year.

The super detailed little street pieces by artist C215 were surely a delight for every person who’d cross with these stencils.

The latest Add fuel to the fire piece at the Lx Factory, leaving an old wall ornamented by his unique patterned tiles.

Highlights: Walls

LowBros highly creative specimens

Liqen crazy ass detailed piece in Ponta Delgada, for the Walk & Talk

A wonderful surprise from Regg & Violante with this gigantic mural

MAR colourful mixed characters in the streets of Lisboa

And to finish off, the much talked about murals in Amoreiras, thanks to Nomen, Slap, Kurtz, Exas and Luka.


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