“Vanish” MURTA Solo Exhibition

Implosão in partnership with Verso Branco presents the newest solo exhibition “Vanish” by artist MURTA. In this exhibition, Murta shows us three episodes, which in a generic way integrate the themes / concepts of “memory”, “alienation” and “repetition”. The exhibition will take place at Verso Branco from  June 9 to July 6 2017.

Check out the event details:
Date: From 9 June until 6 July 2017
Location: Verso Branco design – Rua da Boavista, 132 – 134, 1200-070 Lisboa
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:30am to 8pm
Cost of entry: Free admission
Opening reception with the artist: Friday, 9 June 2017, from 7pm – 9pm
You can RSVP via Facebook HERE

Press release information:
In 2016 Implosão started a series of exhibitions in Lisbon, under the proposal of exposing 4 emerging illustrators: João Carola (exhibited this year in February, at Verso Branco), Murta, Splinter and Rubro. VANISH, the exhibition by Murta aka Teresa Costa Gomes, which opens June 9 at the Verso Branco gallery, was born from this motto.
Implosão, in partnership with Verso Branco, challenges Murta to exhibit illustration. She is a multidisciplinary artist, in several areas of action, ranging from design to street art, from illustration to photography, but with a greater focus on painting, field where she has been showing and positioning as one of the many names to take into account in the future. Exposing illustration is not something new for Murta, but so far this has been explored in collective shows and not in individual exhibitions. The limit that separates the various artistic disciplines is tenuous, and many do not want to overtake them. In VANISH, Murta refuses labels, she is a young artist and author, and both illustration and painting are vehicles worthy of her expression.
VANISH is a complex exhibition, wrapped in meanings, a challenges of interpretation. It is about the frailties of the mind, the weakness of memory. It comes from a constant struggle with what it means to be an artist in 2017, illustrating and painting. The importance of exhibiting while evolving, recording moments. In this exhibition, Murta exposes 3 episodes, which in a generic way integrate the themes / concepts of “memory”, “alienation” and “repetition”. The artist illustrates these small sequences and opens her exhibition on June 9 (7 pm) at the Verso Branco. The exhibition remains at Verso Branco until July 6 2017.
On June 9, Implosão also launches the number 3 issue of the publication Folha de Sala, this one focused on Murta and in this exhibition. Each issue of Folha de Sala comes from an exhibition, and is created in partnership between Implosão and the artist.

More information at:

Exhibition Facebook Event: Here
MURTA facebook page: Here
Implosão Facebook page: Here
Verso Branco Facebook page: Here
Implosão contact e-mail: hello@implosao.pt

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