ESTAU 2016

The 1st edition of ESTAU has left a beautiful mark in Estarreja, Portugal, with a countless number of artists leaving their artworks in the streets. Check all the best bits inside, with pieces from Fintan Magee, Bicicleta sem freio, Bosoletti, NeSpoon, Isaac Cordal, Add Fuel, Kruella d’Enfer, Hazul, Samina and many other guests who were part of this event.

Add fuel

estau-_-add-fuel-01-1 estau-_-add-fuel-02-1 estau-_-add-fuel-03-1

Bicicleta sem freio

estau-_-bicicleta-sem-freio-03 estau-_-bicicleta-sem-freio-07


estau-_-bosoletti-01-1 estau-_-bosoletti-01-2 estau-_-bosoletti-02-1 estau-_-bosoletti-02-4

Fintan Magee

estau-_-fintan-magee-01 estau-_-fintan-magee-05


estau-_-hazul-01 estau-_-hazul-02

Isaac Cordal

estau-_-isaac-cordal-1 estau-_-isaac-cordal-2 estau-_-isaac-cordal-3 estau-_-isaac-cordal-4 estau-_-isaac-cordal-5 estau-_-isaac-cordal-6 estau-_-isaac-cordal-7-_-foto-isaac-cordal estau-_-isaac-cordal-8-_-foto-isaac-cordal estau-_-isaac-cordal-9-_-foto-isaac-cordal

Kruella d’Enfer

estau-_-kruella-denfer-01 estau-_-kruella-denfer-02


estau-_-nespoon-01-1 estau-_-nespoon-02-1


estau-_-samina-01 estau-_-samina-02 estau-_-samina-03


ESTAU has also created a map to easily find all the locations.

For more info, photos and videos, read back at ESTAU facebook.

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