extra WOOL: Pantónio & Samina

For the last weeks of October, WOOL had an extra edition with the presence of the artists Pantónio and Samina. Their stay for the current weeks resulted in amazing pieces of work right in the center of Covilhã. With each piece having a back story about the city, it’s worth a read before delving into the images.



wool_pantonio7wool_pantonio8wool_pantonio9wool_pantonio1 wool_pantonio2 wool_pantonio4 wool_pantonio5 wool_pantonio6    wool_pantonio10

Address: Rua Direita nº 40
Pantónio took this short film as an inspiration for his latest wall, using the sound of “andorinhões” who inhabit the city.




wool_samina11wool_samina8wool_samina9wool_samina10wool_samina1 wool_samina2 wool_samina3 wool_samina4 wool_samina5 wool_samina7 wool_samina6

Address: Rua das Portas do Sol nº 87
Samina worked on the image of Mr. Viseu, a resident of the historic center, former wool worker and Sporting Covilhã soccer player, athletics coach, and above all a person with a lot of history in the city, making him a prime example to homage.

Photos thanks to Pedro Seixo Rodrigues


These 2 new pieces are an addition to the already 150 actions WOOL has worked on until today, over 8 national and international cities, with over 50 artists both national and international as well.

You can follow more of WOOL work on the dedicated pages:

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