Highlights of 2013

Another year has passed, many new posts inserted, many others missed. Even though this post comes with a huge delay, it’s still here for the start of the year. Without further ado, here’s some of the best moments of 2013 that were part of this website, in no specific order.


  • Hazul non-stop painting in the streets of Porto, year after year
  • Pantónio who besides his street interventions, made more and bigger pieces than before, in and out of the streets
  • Violant and his partner in many walls, Regg, have created unique huge pieces in unusual spots


  • ARTUR which continues to surprise with the unusual list of artists in Lagos
  • RAM + invited artists was one of the best self initiatives of the year
  • TourParis ’13 ridiculous amount of talented artists gathered in one space, make this a sure event of the year
  • Underdogs with a hand full of awesome artists, both national and international
  • Walk & Talk turning an island on one of the biggest streetart galleries of Portugal
  • WOOL either by self creating or through the huge participation on many of the best events through the year



Street interventions

1UP mushrooms growing in Lisboa

Peixões by Bordalo II

Costah rocky faces

Neofofo knit

high_pantonio_treePantónio chopped trees



addfuel stenciled tiles compositions in Coimbra

akaCorleone piece for the BukRuk festival, full of meaning and iconic figures.

akaCorleone & Iamfromlx typographic wall, colourful and vibrant

Mar for Dedicated’s “The Alley”, based on the The Warriors movie

Mr. Dheo for “da bridge is over” jam. A beautiful palette on this one

Pantónio in Fundão dynamic strokes and placement of the elements, make this one of the most beautiful pieces out there

Pixel Pancho x Vhils was without any doubt, one of the most photographed walls of the year. And with a good reason!

Regg & Violant unique ventures on unusual spots

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