“Fauna&Flora do Rio Trancão” coming

UAT (1)

UAT collective is grabbing everyones attention and will have a show this Saturday night at Primeira Arte gallery. União Artística do Trancão is built by the artists Adrião Resende, André Santos, Fábio Santos, Flávio Carvalho, Miguel Brum, Nuno Barbedo, Paulo Ferreira & Sérgio Hortelão. The night will also have a wall of fame painted by Myster, Klit and Robô, and music by Mc’sSaooneart and Smartie. Info inside.

“Fauna&Flora do Rio Trancão” by UAT

UAT (2)

“Fauna&Flora do Rio Trancão” by UAT (RSVP Facebook event)

Location: Primeira Arte atelier&gallery – Rua Alfredo Ruas n75 Pedernais, Ramada
Opening: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 from 19h to 23h30

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