“No, no, there’s no limit!” by SUMO

Montana Shop just held one of it’s best exhibitions, with artist SUMO leaving us with his unique characters and patterns. A wonderful splash of colours, mixed with the worldwide known characters, gave Montana the chance to host a limitless show by SUMO, who I had the pleasure to meet and chat. You should also take a look at the mural done just outside the gallery, in Bairro Alto. Enjoy the show.


IMG_7928 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7932 IMG_7934 IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7942 IMG_7944 IMG_7945 IMG_7946 IMG_7948 IMG_7949 IMG_8492 IMG_8494 IMG_8497 IMG_8500 IMG_8508 IMG_8509 IMG_8512 IMG_8513 IMG_8515 IMG_8517 IMG_8524 IMG_8529 IMG_8531 IMG_8533 IMG_8534 IMG_8535 IMG_8490


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