Looking back 2009

Looking back 2009
And so we’ve reached 2010 and as a first post I’d like to show you guys some stats and also some funny facts from you, the users of this website. Believe me, there are some funny ones!

To start the new year with the right foot, I’m letting you guys get inside my website for a small look at my stats and as many things in life, things don’t always go the way you plan to. And without further ado here they are:
(I can assure you this is all true info)

Top blog posts:

#1 – Highlights of 2009 (became #1 blog post in only 3 days)
#2 – Hard Ass Sessions
#3 – No2Twitter

Good to see that the “highlights of 2009” post could make more views than all the other blog posts made, in only 3 days. Remarkable.

Top pages:

#1 – Homepage (is the undefeated champion)
#2 – Spray
#3 – Paper

Top Countries:

#2 – United States
#3 – United Kingdom
Top countries

And the not so famous to my website:

Cambodia, El Salvador, Kenya – The lowest with 1 visit from each country the whole year.

Top Keywords:

#1 – Target street art (in least I’m top on the search, eheh)
#2 – offf2010 (Guess people was just curious about the event)
#3 – Catarina Pestana (true… she came 3rd on top searches)
Top Keywords

Hall of Shame keywords:

Hall of Shame
Ok, I get the whole Luciana Abreu naked thing, but honestly who the hell was looking for a pic of “Naked Klit”? Come on…

Funny Facts:

54% users are Firefox/Windows
44% users are Firefox/Mac

People are really interested in Alexandre Farto a.k.a. Vhils in my website, ahah.



And so, committed to work more on my blog posts and also to come up with brand new works this year, here you have it, the first post of the year. May 2010 BEGIN!


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