“Off the wall” coming

The “Off the Wall” exhibition is the result of an unexpected association between luxury and street art to take place from the 17th to…


Zeca Afonso by Vhils

José Afonso Cavaquinhas school in Seixal, commemorated it’s 50th birthday by inviting a former student of the school, Alexandre Farto who had studied there…


Costah Art – doc

A documentary about Costah that already has some time, but still worth to watch. For more Costah work, check the other pages around here.


Einstein by Draw

A great new piece by Draw, leaving a portrait of Einstein drawn with his characteristic loose lines.  

Sr. Edinho by Vhils

Another piece by Vhils with sr. Edinho at MAR museum (Museu de Arte do Rio), Rio de Janeiro. The piece will be at the museum…


Implosão II

Meanwhile in Caldas, Implosão took the 2nd edition by assault with a massive work of illustrations from several artists. The show took place at…