Odeith in Setúbal

This massive piece just got completed in Setúbal by Odeith. Odeith has shared the story behind this wall, and also what it originated after it got up. More below.




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Via Odeith’s official page, you can read:
This piece was made in Setúbal on Avenida Luisa Todi and took nine days to complete .They asked me if the painting could have something to do with Setúbal .
I made a research and chose to do the boy who appears in a photograph taken by
A big photographer of Setúbal called AméricoWhile painting I wondered if the boy in the photo was still alive or have gone out of Setúbal
At that time .When one of the days , a man appeared and said :- That boy in the photo is my uncle , and still alive .I was happy and I met him today he has 91 years old .
When the photo was taken in 1933 he would have close to 10 years.

When her daughter took him near the wall , he said :

– The wound .

he noticed that the paint had the bandage on the leg of a wounded
he had in his ankle 80 years ago .

My thoughts about this Wall .

The photographer Américo probably never thought that someone
would paint a mural 20 meters of a photo taken by him 80 years ago .

The boy Vicente in the photo never imagined that one day he would see him self painted on a wall 20 meters high
when the Américo told him to look at the camera that day .

When I started painting I never thought that one day i could paint a mural in the center of this
beautiful city Setúbal .

conclusion :
The small actions you do today may be huge tomorrow !

Thanks Bruno Pereira

Odeith – 2014



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