And to prove that I am not stopped, and that this website is indeed intended to improve, I have started to work on some new features. I know most of you already have this in your own home, but technology is a hard thing to keep up. So, I am finally proud to annonce that this website can now be fully viewed in 1080 Full HD, and that the 3D version is still available inside all the posts.
If you want to know more, jump inside to read the rest.

So why should I care?

This also means, that the small pics shown in the posts, will now be wider so that you can see everything. Don’t miss out on the best details, and definitely don’t get left behind on all those websites that can only give you less.
Expect more functionalities to show up during the week. Meanwhile, see what people are already saying.



“I just couldn’t believe I was missing out on all the fun… I mean, two girls that I couldn’t see because of the website limitation? That’s just bulls**t. Like this I can have 250pixels more of pure awesomeness!” – some dude who thinks this is a porn website


“I was amazed! It was like if I was actually spraying, but without all that ink and dirt on my hands. That would just feel terrible. Like this it was just an amazing experience. I’m coming back every day for more.– by the guy in the white tee

And now… wait for some street art articles to follow.


  • this is the best HD website I have ever visited. Keep up the good work stick2target team!

  • /// STONE says:

    /// WOW! So Fucking impressed! This was the best experience that i have ever had on the Internet! This Rocks dude!

    Keep Up the Good work!


  • Santinho says:

    I can only imagine all that i have been missing out on.
    You have opened my eyes to life. i am forever grateful…
    Long live target. Long live Full Hd

  • Tae says:

    Depois de todo este tempo eu volto sempre aqui; não sei se pelo thumbnail ou por alguma magia tecnológica, mas, na verdade, estou verdadeiramente grato pelo formato! É… mais expansivo!

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