“Silver Kings & Paper Toys” by Glam

Still showing until March 1st is Glam‘s latest solo show at Montana Shop & Gallery Lisboa. The name “Silver kings & paper toys” invokes to “kings” & “toys” amongst the graffiti world, all wrapped in detailed paper sculptures of a spray factory. If you’re away and can’t make it before, here’s a wrap up of what you can find inside.

IMG_9806 IMG_9809 IMG_9810 IMG_9811 IMG_9813 IMG_9818 IMG_9819 IMG_9822 IMG_9824 IMG_9825 IMG_9830 IMG_9831 IMG_9832 IMG_9833 IMG_9835 IMG_9837IMG_9845 IMG_9840 IMG_9842IMG_9851 IMG_9853 IMG_9854 IMG_9860 IMG_9863

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