Highlights of 2010

Highlights of 2010
Similar to last years new entry, Highlights of the Year for Portuguese urban art is now a dedicated yearly post. Who would have thought that this year would be so rich in bringing international street artists to Lisboa, as well as hosting some pretty good events around the country. Lisboa has become a hot spot this year for urban art. I asked some members who continuously keep on pushing forward and contributing to this website, to highlight their best moments for this year that’s been published on the blog, so this is merely a reminder of what just went through in 2010. We’re not saying these are the best, but these were surely high moments for the Portuguese Art scene. We’ll leave you with 5 events and 5 artists in no specific order. Let’s hope for a great 2011.

Portugal Arte 10 – w/ Faile

Faile Temple
Portugal Arte ’10 hosted lot’s of artists, but FAILE totally stole the show. It is without a doubt one of my favorites this year. With 1 year in the making, all the medias they worked in and the fantastic site specific piece they’ve created, makes this one of the most amazing artworks I’ve seen in loco. Plus, meeting the Patrick’s was the best reward I could ever ask for. A pleasure to have met and seen them working on the spot.

CCB w/ Os Gémeos

Os Gémeos
This had to be mentioned. Os Gémeos were the first graffiti artists to show at a Portuguese museum of this scale, and CCB had the vision to do it. This will of course open doors for other artists in the future. A special thanks to the Press Manager who facilitated the teaser for the show and was always helpful in every way.

Crono w/ Os Gémeos, Blu, Sam3, Ericailcane, Lucy Mclauchlan, Arm

Angelo Milano, the guy behind the famous Fame Festival in Italy helped bringing this project to life, and it is surely one of the most beloved projects of the year. Painting large scale on abandoned buildings was their main attraction with works by os Gémeos, Blu, Sam3, Ericailcane and Lucy Mclauchlan which also created precedents in the city council to allow other projects to come out of it, as the late Pampero buildings in Saldanha.

Cascais ArtSpace 2010 w/ Mar, Paulo Arraiano, Lucas Almeida & Leonor Morais

Cascais ArtSpace 2010
For the second year in a row, I believe Cascais ArtSpace needs another mention. Mar, Paulo Arraiano, Lucas Almeida and Leonor Morais have made a good show, and once again, outside Lisboa.

The Underdogs

The Underdogs
Finally for the last event of the year, The Underdogs have joined with art agency Vera Cortês and together made a statement in the Portuguese art panorama, publishing a book along the way with the story of the artists. A big chunk of great Portuguese artists made the first edition, being Vhils, ± Mais Menos, Sphiza, Mar, Ram, Kusca, Adres, Tosco, Obey (pt) & SmartBastard the names you could find inside.


Vhils aka Alexandre Farto
What can we say about one of the artists who’s been putting on some great projects in and out of Portugal. Shows all over the world, breaking down walls everywhere including with JR (winner of 2010 TED) and videoclips for Orelha Negra, launched his new book, brought Crono Lisboa to life and created the Underdogs. Did I miss something?

Pedro Matos

Pedro Matos
If last year he was one of the highlights, we believe this year he definitely should be here again. With a killer solo show at Montana, artwork going overboard and creating his curatorial gallery YellowPants, this was a good year for Pedro Matos.

± MaisMenos

Mais Menos
His statements broke the line this year, with VSP Porto and the Underdogs to prove he had great work to show also outside of the streets.


As far as putting up new work, Tosco was one of our favorite artists. Seems like he was getting up every two weeks through the year, and escalating his pieces to big walls.


For really coming in strong with his vibrant colors and crazy characters. He was also a guest of this years VSP at Porto leaving some great pieces inside the old building, painting at Seixal Graff’10 and much more.

And a special mention to Senioritas

I just couldn’t not mention Senioritas. This work was one of the most popular of the year on the blog, and personally, this is what street art is all about to me. Couldn’t be any more simpler.

Final words

New Year
Let the new year begin!

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