“Bring your own mask” by Paul Neberra

Past week saw the birth of “Bring your own mask”, the solo show from Paul Neberra over at Montana Shop & Gallery. Expect lot’s os masked characters, painted with a classic technique but with a contemporary twist. The show should be present until the end of the year, but in case you can’t make it to the gallery, don’t worry because we got you covered.


IMG_8978IMG_8770 IMG_8771 IMG_8773 IMG_8777 IMG_8778IMG_8980 IMG_8984 IMG_8986 IMG_8989 IMG_8990 IMG_8993 IMG_8996 IMG_9001 IMG_9003 IMG_9006 IMG_9008IMG_9015 IMG_9009IMG_9024 IMG_9031 IMG_9028

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