Le M.U.R. Mulhouse by Add Fuel

After Pantónio left his wall at Le M.U.R. Mulhouse, it was time for Add Fuel to follow up where another Portuguese left off, and produce a new wall for this event.


LeMur_OK2 LeMur_OK3 LeMur_OK4 LeMur_OK5

In this geometric concentric composition, The “indiennes mulhousiennes” (local textile patterns to the city) were my main inspiration to create a piece that connects these patterns with my work around the portuguese “azulejo” tiles.

LeMur_OK6 LeMur_OK7 LeMur_OK8 LeMur_OK9

Also present is the klapperstein, a local medieval punishment object, now seen as a fun part of the city history, an element too good for me to not include.

LeMur_OK10 LeMur_OK11 LeMur_OK12LeMur_OK1

All images © Dom Poirier

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