Looking back 2011

Looking back 2011

And for the 1st post of the year, it’s the looking back edition, giving you a small insight on to the stats running the website. At the same time, P3 has invited me to leave an article for the Top walls by Portuguese artists in 2011, which can be seen here. But, head on for a quick look at this past year. Posts will follow soon.

Looking back at the numbers:

With 3 years up and running, the blog has been active for some time now, so looking back, visits and pageviews have significantly improved as usual, and content became stronger, with dedicated galleries to numerous posts. A number of 249 posts have been written throughout the year of 2011, which is a remarkable number for urban art in Portugal.

Top Blog Posts (most seen):

  1. MACE with Vhils, MaisMenos± and more
  2. ARYZ wall in Lisboa
  3. Pantónio street signs
  4. Super Mario Bros in Lisboa
  5. “Detritos” by Vhils
  6. “Chão do Loureiro” parking
  7. WOOL by ARM Collective
  8. “Brilho do sol” by CALMA
  9. Por um país mais pobre
  10. Ego Sum Panis Vivus

Top countries:

  1. Portugal
  2. United States of America
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Brazil
  5. Germany

Less known:

Greenland continues to have 0 visits third year in a row. Guess it’s harder than I thought…

Top keywords:

  1. stick2target
  2. stick to target
  3. bruno santinho
  4. pantónio
  5. target
  6. sticktotarget
  7. arm collective
  8. vhils
  9. mbw banksy
  10. stick2target.com

WTF keywords:

  • myanmar love story
  • elena wolay
  • zachary levi girlfriend
  • 2011 soup festival oliveiro do bairro portugal
  • 1-1/2″ stick on targets
  • $800 bape hoodie
  • + gay +videos+gemeos
  • %d8%a8%d9%88%d8%b1%d8%aa%d9%888
  • “show me how deliver a baby in taxi
  • “blu and david ellis have been working like crazy on this animation for a full week against moskitos, rain, bored assistants. “
  • 54ª edição da bienal de veneza em 2011, apresenta “tesouros submersos do antigo egipto”,
  • asian pear tree nursery uk
  • short story plots french shopkeeper
  • the drink called naked pussy
  • vhils que aparece no teledisco dos orelha negra
  • who made the faile temple in portugal
  • x videos as mais negras
  • x videos peludas.com

Funny facts:

  • Facebook continues to be a great tool to share content, and apparently users prefer to go that way, taking up 38% of the year incoming trafic;
  • Windows and Mac are almost equal, yet Safari is the most used browser on the blog (go figure);
  • Most common language is EN-US followed by PT-PT;
  • Lisboa is the city that brings more visitors to the blog.

Final words


I wish to thank everyone who’s been following on Portuguese urban art through this blog, via Twitter or Facebook page. All the support has been overwhelming throughout the year, and surely 2012 will bring us many new pieces to admire. See you soon.

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