Looking Back 2013

Late much? Who cares! If 2012 was a hard year, 2013 was no surprise that too much stuff going on attached to the lack of time to dedicate to new posts, and a big chunk of the time away, means some events eventually had to be cut out from the weekly updates. But that doesn’t mean we’re not trying to push them back up, for future archive purposes. So, a quick look at what you the viewers, have inserted in this list.

Top Blog Posts (most seen):

  1. /beeg-bee-by-bordalo-ii
  2. /tour-paris-13
  3. /highlights-of-2012
  4. /circles-of-hope-by-yup
  5. /a-walk-and-a-talk
  6. /trains-generations
  7. /vhils-in-alfama
  8. /new-vhils-in-lisboa
  9. /studio-visit-vhils
  10. /bring-your-own-mask-by-paul-neberra

Top countries (most visits):

  1. Portugal
  2. United States of America
  3. France
  4. Switzerland
  5. South Korea

(leaving UK, Brazil & Spain behind, which is quite impressive to see it grow like this!)

Less known:

Greenland. Greenland…

WTF keywords:

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  •  dona adelaide mouraria
  •  douglas crimp o museu pos-moderno
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  •  liqens work that contributes to society
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  •  o que significa papirona
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  •  prostitution in lisbon
  •  sodomize graffiti
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  •  what type of mushrooms grow in portugal
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(I swear I have no clue on how some of these keywords lead to this website)

Final words


The urban Portuguese art scene has been increasing daily at such pace, that it truly is hard to keep it up to date every time. With all said and done, let’s start the new year posts. For more goodness, follow  the Twitter or Facebook page. Thanks for all the support so far.

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