Highlights of 2011

Highlights of 2011

2011 was a year with plenty of new art and artists joining the Portuguese scene. Not taking much more time, these were some of the highlights of the year with no specific order or ranking. These are merely a reminder of some of the best moments that went on 2011, so enjoy.

Highlights: Artists

Highlights: Events

  • ARTUR small residency in Lagos, with some great names inside
  • Walk & Talk the biggest festival of the year, with quality and quantity in abundance
  • WOOL festival in Covilhã, leaving the big cities and bringing them inside with a wonderful cast of artists

Highlights: Street Art interventions

Portuguese tiles by afttf (7)

Add fuel to the fire “Portuguese tiles”

CALMA “Brilho do sol” performance

Entre Linhas

Costah & Moreira “Entre Linhas”

MaisMenos± “Ego sum panis vivus”

Menau “Even jesus got tired”

Pantónio “Street signs” & “Breaking down the wall”

Jose Socrates square (2)

Unknown “José Sócrates square” (which made the list in merely 2 days)


Highlights: Walls

WOOL by ARM Collective

ARM Collective for WOOL

ARYZ (1)

Aryz in Lisboa

Mr Dheo (Black & White)

Smile (1)

Smile for Walk & Talk


Vhils for Walk & Talk


Final words

Final Words

Have a blazing new year, and see you soon!

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