This is street art in cascais

Street art Cascais (2)

Street art Cascais (3)

Got this in the mail, and had to share it. Right next to the Police department of Cascais, you can find two shapes very different from the others. Coincidence, or just someone with a sense of humor? Share your thoughts…

In Cascais

Street art Cascais (1)

Street art Cascais (2)

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  • Helder says:

    By the colour tone of the stones, I can’t really tell if they were set prior or after the original laying out. And if this is not a coincidence, it makes me think that the street artist mat be a graphic designer, a fine artist, an interventionist… OR he/she may be a simple “calçada” worker laying out subliminal messages during the day.

    Either way a I dig the subtleness of the pieces.

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