Inkie in Lisboa

Inkie will be in Lisboa for a solo show at Bristol Lisboa Gallery. Mark down on your calendar the date May 29 and be sure to show up on the night, since the artist will be at the show for the inauguration.


“I was inspired by the arrival of the film Wild Style as well as the book Subway Art. At the time living in my home town of Bristol and painting alongside 3D of Massive Attack fame and Nick Walker ‘aka’ Apish Angel. In the late 1990s i moved to London at the same time as fellow Bristolian & graffiti cohorts Banksy & Will Barras (…)” – Inkie


One of the UK’s leading street artists and identified as Banksy’s partner in Crime.


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Start Time: Saturday, May 29 @ 21h
End Time: Saturday, August 21, 2010
Location: Rua Azedo Gneco 67B, 1350-034 Lisboa
Open days: After the inauguration, visits to the gallery are set by appointment.


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