Getting the message through

Now this might not be a new image around the blog, but the message it comes with is new. Adres did this piece for a while, but some days ago someone left this note next to the piece. Jump inside to read it:

Educassão é icenssial

From Adres flickr:

Education is essential (intentionally misspelled)
Left by a “fan”, i found the note above at the spot and it goes something like: ” Education. Don’t walk around smudging the walls take time to learn how to write, don’t be stupid”

Funny that the guy who wrote down the note noticed “education” was misspelled, but didn’t notice that “essential” was also misspelled, as stated by Tosco in the comments. Clearly this guy did not got the message through… But this created an interaction and a reaction from the spectators that most street imageries can’t get. And that I find it quite interesting! Even though it wasn’t the best thought of reaction, eheh.

Go check his Flickr account for more works from Adres.

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