Massive Attack art censored

Are you shitting me?!? It’s too streetsy so it’s a no go? This censorship is ridiculous.

“We can’t use any of the Heligoland artwork I’ve painted for the posters on London Underground. They won’t allow anything on the tube that looks like ‘street art’. They want us to remove all drips and fuzz from it so it doesn’t look like it’s been spray-painted, which is fucking ridiculous. (…)”

“(…) It’s the most absurd censorship I’ve ever seen. We’re hosting pop-up galleries [on] tour this year. We’ve got UnitedVisualArtists; Steve Bliss’s No Protection artwork which was like an early prototype for his Grand Theft Auto stuff; and all the extras from Mezzanine and 100th Window.”


They should sue Chris Brown though…
Chris Brown

Source here:
The Guardian´
Heligoland cover by Massive Attacks Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja

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  • Santinho says:

    they have to be shitting you.. that cover is awsome, saw the other day and thought to myself.. “well i still have to listen to the music but i think i want this already….” 🙂

    remove the drips….. hahahahaaha
    oh well

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