NASA part II and a third

NASA PART II and a third
Ok… we’re back to the NASA subject. Just cause I’m really curious, and this was the article I read, here’s what happened to the men who set foot on the moon:
Buzz Aldrin (the second man to land on the moon alongside Armstrong) became depressive and an alcoholic, but eventually managed to recover. The second curious part, and probably the reason for this was that Aldrin wished he had been the first, and by envy, he never took any photos of Armstrong on the moon. In fact, there’s only pics of Aldrin on the Moon;
Neil Armstrong went away of the public appearances, almost never to be seen as a public figure;
Charles Duke (Apollo 16) became a shepherd;
De Mitchel (Apollo 14) founded an esoteric institute;
Alan Bean (Apollo 12) paints since then only one subject… the Moon!
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