OFFF’09 – day 2

Well, 2nd day and the morning couldn’t have started any better. Portuguese guys really kicked ass, but ALVA made their brilliant video to promote their work and stood out the most. By the afternoon some good presentations were given, like PES great stop motion works, Paula Scher which I just loved to listen to, with such a great awareness for her self work and world, and Joshua Davis of course, who always makes such an impressive speech/stand up presentation. But aside from Joshua Davis, who most should already know his speeches, and since he’s constantly improving, you should really see him live, so today it’s ALVA ALVA and again, another video.

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  • Marie says:

    ha, tb adorei paula scher, pralém de ter trabalhos brutais, tb gostei bue de a ouvir. joshua claro, foi stand up comedy com mistura ilustração/design, de chorar a rir lol. e peeeees, os trabalhos dele so eram os mais fofos, gostei dos making of q ele mostrou! foi um bom dia

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