London trip

What’s to say about London… Trash bins being locked or nonexistent in the streets due to bomb threats,the bags unattended freakish nightmare, the hot water in the bathrooms (I just hate to wash my hands on hot water) specially on hot days, the multicultural environment, my body sweating curry, the tubes amazingly crowded and small, ugly girls not afraid of putting on a tight dress and some makeup, crazy how women undress more there with 20ºC then they do with 35ºC around Lisbon ahah, bride and bridesmaid fighting in the streets, getting crazy with the DVD box sets prices and sneakers, Vhils and Banksy’s wonderful exhibitions, working in crazy projects from Mr K, being around Portuguese people and Sagres, finding Vhils and Glue at a random street just by accident, R. Kelly trapped in the closet dvd… I’m coming back for sure!

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