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Names to Know
That you should definitely know about!
This is a hiper-ultra-mega post about my favorite producers in all sort of fields of the moment, so I had to write a lot more than just some simple words.
Catch the rest inside the post, with lot’s of previews.
Enjoy and talk back…

Most of the previews I’m showcasing here, are of an extreme video quality design, and therefore, where the most qualified works of each artist I could find to better exemplify their work. Less talk, and more videos…

Ed Banger Records – French electronic music record label run by Pedro Winter aka Busy P


Fools Gold – Founded by DJs A-Trak (Kanye West Dj) and Nick Catchdubs, and has the participation of Dust La Rock as graphic director, this is another soundbreaking record label of the moment.
Fools Gold Rec

So Me – Illustrator / Artist / Designer for Ed Banger Records (work @ Studio Gallery)
So Me

Dust La Rock – Illustrator / Artist / Designer for Fool’s Gold Records
Dust La Rock

Justice – My favorite pair of djs of the moment (Xavier de Rosnay, Gaspard Augé).

Justice vs. Simian ‘We Are Your Friends’

Romain Gavras – Film director/producer and co-founder in 1994 of the collective Kourtrajmé. Filmed “Justice – A Cross The Universe” their latest dvd.

Justice – “Stress” from Freedom Record

Dj Mehdi

DJ Mehdi (feat Chromeo) – ‘I Am Somebody’

and my favorite:


Fafi – One of the most known french street-artist, and also the gf of Dj Mehdi, making this inner-circle even bigger, of artist/djs/producers of high quality.

Busy P – The master behind Ed Banger Rec

Kourtrajmé – French film crew that directed some of the videos presented in this post. This is a funny short movie.

KOURTRAJME – Easy pizza riders

Jr – Photographer and street-artist. Works include collabs with Kourtrajmé as well.

Kourtrajme / JR Projet 28 millimètres

Kavinsky – Another dope producer/dj French electro house artist, that has worked alongside with Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo, Justice and many others.

KAVINSKY – “testarossa” autodrive

Sebastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier – “Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)”

La Caution – A french rap group, that had one of the most hypnotizing songs on Oceans Twelve the movie. Produced by Kourtrajmé. See if you can recognize it…

La Caution – “Thé à la Menthe”

Crystal Castles – Is my latest addiction on 8-bit electro music.

Crystal Castles – “Untrust Us”

Crystal Castles vs. Uffie – “Make It Hotttt”

Uffie – The new girl of the french banggers!

UFFIE – pop the glock

Cassius – A classic clip with a funky tune

You might have noticed that most of these names are French… AND I LOVE IT!!


  • min says:

    Holy cow. O post mais cenório que já vi até hoje. LOL

    Mas só great artists.

    : D

    Ed banger no Porto lalala


    este post ta mm certeiro!

    antes demais, é óbvio k a ed bangers é o melhor k se faz de electro, ainda por cima c o brutal art direction do boss SO-ME!
    O Dust La Rock tb é heavy!

    Esse som de La Caution é genial, tou sempre a ouvir isso,hahaa!

    can´t wait to see Dj Mehdi!

  • Marie says:

    uh-uh. niiiiiice!
    Ahah, ainda hj fui buscar mais um á fnac, diz que está a ser a festa do livro com promoçoes e descontos….á qual a secçao de arte, design e afins nao está incluida, claro lool. muita giro.

  • phomer says:

    Bem.. the cream of the crop… nuff said!

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