WOOL 2017 – Covilhã Urban Art Festival is happening

The WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival is back for a 2017 edition!

Currently happening until June 11th 2017, this year we can count on the participation of artists such as BOSOLETTI (Argentina), DOA OA (Spain), HALFSTUDIO and THIRD (Portugal) for some new murals and installations in the city of Covilhã, Portugal.

Check event details:
Date: From June 3rd until June 11th 2017 and additionally June 17th 2017
Location: Historic center of the city of Covilhã, Portugal
Wool ’17 Map Here 
Cost of entry: Free admission 
You can RSVP via Facebook Here.

Press release information:
Between the 3rd and 11th of June (and additionally the 17th), Covilhã returns to host WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art, in an edition that will have as protagonists recognized urban artists, national and international and a set of actions that will bring new life to the historical center of this city.
After the one-year interregnum, the city’s historic center will again be the stage for artists: BOSOLETTI (Argentina), DOA OA (Spain), HALFSTUDIO and THIRD (Portugal), who will provide us with artworks where themes and inspirations will cling with the whole that composes the unique historical, social, architectural, cultural and / or natural territory of this region, being precisely this one of the consequences and characteristics of differentiation this event.
In addition to the execution of MURAIS and INSTALLATION, which can and should be monitored daily by the public, this 2017 edition of WOOL presents a diversified complementary program, which aims to complement and strengthen the link between the public, the artworks and artists.
Among the various activities, we must highlight the two exhibitions: WOOL PIECES and WOOL MEETS ROUBAIX, which aim to present, respectively, the work (on another scale) of the artists present in this and previous editions of WOOL and the first phase of the project which is being developed in partnership with the creative space Le Non Lieu in Roubaix (semi-detached city of Covilhã, France); The TALKS WITH THE ARTISTS where, in the first person, artists present themselves to the community and open space for dialogue; the LATA 65, the internationally recognized and viral Urban Art Workshop for the Elderly, curiously, is held for the first time in the city that inspired its creation and the usual GUIDED VISITS that allow the visitor to know all about the project, artists and artworks in detail.

Also worthy of note are the screening of Jérôme Thomas’ FILM, SKY’S THE LIMIT, which has already been awarded in Europe and includes footage from the 2015 edition of WOOL, collected by local director Tiago Pinheira.
To close this first week of WOOL, we invited NOISERV to hold a concert in one of the city’s identity spaces, the Fábrica António Estrela / Júlio Afonso, now transformed into a creative and multidisciplinary space, the New Hand Lab. Assured by a resident band, the Collective Profound Whatever, that will music excerpts from the film “El Topo” by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

On June 17, for an apotheosis closing, we return to the streets of the historic center of Covilhã and invite all the local community, interested and visitors to discover all the new works and those that have been here since 2011. We also give space to a INSTAMEET, guided by the community of Castelo Branco and we will present the FILM that documents this edition 2017, made by the director André C. Santos.
We will thus end the 2017 edition by celebrating and remembering the quality label EFFE _ Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (promoted by the European Festivals Association _ EFA), sign of being a “representative festival of artistic quality and have a significant impact at local, national and international levels. ”
The implementation of the 2017 edition of WOOL is only possible thanks to a set of national and international partners and supports, among which the financing of the Municipality of Covilhã and the sponsorship of the Puralã – Wool Valley Hotel & Spa (Grupo Natura IMB Hotels) ) and CIN inks.

More information at:

Official Festival Facebook Page: Here
Festival Facebook Event: Here
E-mail for Contact: info@woolfest.org

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