WOOL 2014

Urban art festival WOOL is finally back, and this year has left a wonderful set of new walls and pieces in the city of Covilhã, Portugal, by the hands of Add Fuel, Bordalo II, ±MaisMenos±Mr. Dheo and Tamara Alves. The all new works can be seen inside, ranging from a variety of techniques and styles from each artist that took residence for the event. Besides the main artists, *L (is not an artist) also made an appearance at the festival and left some of her works in the streets.



Add Fuel

wool_addfuel1 wool_addfuel2 wool_addfuel3 wool_addfuel4 wool_addfuel5 wool_addfuel6 wool_addfuel7 wool_addfuel8 wool_addfuel9 wool_addfuel10 wool_addfuel11


Bordalo II

“Owl eyes”

wool_bordaloII1 wool_bordaloII3 wool_bordaloII4 wool_bordaloII6 wool_bordaloII2 wool_bordaloII5

“Booom online”

wool_bordaloII7 wool_bordaloII8 wool_bordaloII9 wool_bordaloII10 wool_bordaloII11




wool_maismenos1 wool_maismenos2 wool_maismenos3 wool_maismenos4


wool_maismenos5 wool_maismenos6

“Papa Scuts”

wool_maismenos7 wool_maismenos8 wool_maismenos9


wool_maismenos10 wool_maismenos11 wool_maismenos12


Mr. Dheo

“Portugal pelas costuras”

wool_mrdheo1 wool_mrdheo2 wool_mrdheo3 wool_mrdheo4 wool_mrdheo5 wool_mrdheo6


Tamara Alves

Wild Orphan

wool_tamara1 wool_tamara2 wool_tamara3 wool_tamara4 wool_tamara5
wool_tamara6 wool_tamara7



wool_L1 wool_L2 wool_L3 wool_L4 wool_L5 wool_L6

Photos thanks to Pedro Seixo Rodrigues/WOOL


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