“Eu tenho dois amores”

Abysmo gallery is currently hosting “Eu tenho dois amores” (I have two loves) by Maria Imaginário and Mariana Miserável. This is without a doubt the funniest show I’ve been to lately, and that alone should convince you to pay this exhibition a visit. But if that isn’t enough, you’ll love all the Portuguese pop music references in the artwork titles. Enjoy… #imaginariomiseravel


imaginariomiseravel IMG_0750 IMG_0752 IMG_0754 IMG_0755 IMG_0791 IMG_0756 IMG_0772 IMG_0789 IMG_0787 IMG_0761 IMG_0770 IMG_0762 IMG_0794IMG_0765IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0757 IMG_0780

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