LATA 65 for Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk has been releasing new works for the past weeks, and LATA 65 was one of the projects that deserved some attention. Lara Seixo Rodrigues, the mentor behind the project, took it’s 4th edition to the island and worked with 15 participants of over 65 years old, teaching them how to use stencils and spray cans, promoting social interactions between older generations.

lata65_1 lata65_3 lata65_4 lata65_5 lata65_6 lata65_7 lata65_8 lata65_9 lata65_10 lata65_11 lata65_12 lata65_13

“LATA 65” is an initiative that aims to approximate older people to urban art movement. It’s several activities that will encourage, promote and enhance the democratization of access to contemporary art and the learning of some of the techniques used in street intervention.

lata65_15 lata65_16 lata65_17 lata65_18 lata65_19 lata65_20 lata65_21 lata65_22 lata65_23 lata65_24 lata65_25 lata65_26 lata65_27
lata65_28 lata65_29 lata65_30 lata65_31 lata65_32 lata65_33 lata65_34 lata65_35 lata65_36 lata65_37 lata65_38

Photos by Sara Pinheiro, Rui Soares and Lara Seixo Rodrigues

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