July and August is starting to pack quite a few pieces of art around the world. For the time being, the traditional village of Erriadh on the island of Djerba (Tunisie) is gathering close to 150 international artists from around the world to paint the village. Thanks to Galerie Itinerrance, the same behind Tour Paris 13, they intend to transform the village in an open air museum. Between the past 7th & 15th of July, Lara Seixo Rodrigues (from WOOL & Mistaker Maker) curated the visit of Portuguese artists Add Fuel, Arraiano, and Mário Belém to which Pantónio, resident artist of Galerie Itinerrance, joined forces for the project DJERBAHOOD. Together with them, many other artists like Roa, c215, faith 47, know hope, herbert baglione, btoy, m-city, jaz, calma have already helped giving color to the village. Jump inside to have an in dept view of what went down, and what else awaits for the future artists still to come.


Add Fuel

djerba_2 djerba_3 djerba_4 djerba_5 djerba_6 djerba_7 djerba_8 djerba_9 djerba_10 djerba_12 djerba_13 djerba_16 djerba_18 djerba_21 djerba_22 djerba_26 djerba_28 djerba_29 djerba_30 djerba_32 djerba_34 djerba_35 djerba_37 djerba_39 djerba_41 djerba_42 djerba_43 djerba_44 djerba_45 djerba_46 djerba_47 djerba_48



djerba_49 djerba_50 djerba_51 djerba_53

djerba00 djerba01 djerba02 djerba03 djerba04 djerba05 djerba09 djerba11 djerba12 djerba13

Mário Belém

djerba_54 djerba_55 djerba_56 djerba_57 djerba_58 djerba_59 djerba_60 djerba_61 djerba_62 djerba_63 djerba_64 djerba_65 djerba_66 djerba_67 djerba_68 djerba_69 djerba_70


djerba_71 djerba_72 djerba_73 djerba_74 djerba_75 djerba_76 djerba_77


Other artists

djerba_w_1 djerba_w_2 djerba_w_3 djerba_w_4 djerba_w_5 djerba_w_6 djerba_w_7 djerba_w_8 djerba_w_9 djerba_w_10 djerba_w_11 djerba_w_12 djerba_w_13 djerba_w_14 djerba_w_15 djerba_w_16

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