“Concentricum” by ADD FUEL

The latest solo show by Add Fuel is coming to an end, but we have the photos in case you couldn’t make it to the exhibition in time. “Concentricum” is still showing in Coimbra at the Mercearia de Arte Gallery, curated by Lara Seixo Rodrigues (WOOL).


concentricum01 concentricum02 concentricum03concentricum05 concentricum06 concentricum07 concentricum08 concentricum09 concentricum10 concentricum11 concentricum12 concentricum13 concentricum14 concentricum15 concentricum16 concentricum17 concentricum18 concentricum19 concentricum20 concentricum21 concentricum22 concentricum23

All photos thanks to Patrícia S. de Almeida

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