Writers Delight Burners coming

More paintings for the weekend thanks to Dedicated for the Writers’ Delight Burners. Mosaik, Odeith, Pout & Semor are the artists dedicated to 45mts of wall.


We are bringing the BURNERS series to Portugal, starting up with Lisbon’s finest MOSAIK & ODEITH welcoming Cologne’s finest POUT & SEMOR to come up with a 45mts production.


“4 masters to burn a wall, one venue to rule them all”. A part of the huge “Blue Wall” project, sponsored by the city council and urban art gallery.

wdburners_3 wdburners_4 wdburners_5 wdburners_6 wdburners_7 wdburners_8 wdburners_9

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