A Walk and a Talk

Contrary to last year, we headed to Walk&Talk this year to follow the festival up close with the artists but at the same time to experience the island of São Miguel in all it’s glory.

From seeing people painting and working in their environment, rapping out through the crazy beats of Topo, night talks, movie screenings, hanging out with all the artists, eating “catxorros” in the middle of the night, arco 8, fashionista cows and much more, these are 100 hand-picked snapshots of a beautiful week in the island, surrounded by wonderful and inspiring people in an amazing environment. To everyone who made it happen, hope to see you all soon. And before I start leaving up the finished works, just enjoy…

IMG_6414 IMG_6420 IMG_6426 IMG_6454 IMG_6506 IMG_6527 IMG_6553 IMG_6590 IMG_6633 IMG_6636 IMG_6639 IMG_6657 IMG_6671 IMG_6708 IMG_6710 IMG_6720 IMG_6742 IMG_6759 IMG_6763 IMG_6812 IMG_6827 IMG_6849 IMG_6864 IMG_6882 IMG_6887 IMG_6902 IMG_6909 IMG_6969 IMG_6977 IMG_6989 IMG_6992 IMG_7002 IMG_7009 IMG_7012 IMG_7013 IMG_7017 IMG_7025 IMG_7034 IMG_7037 IMG_7044 IMG_7058

IMG_7103IMG_7135 IMG_7181 IMG_7188 IMG_7198 IMG_7203 IMG_7217 IMG_7242 IMG_7276 IMG_7295 IMG_7306 IMG_7310 IMG_7313 IMG_7321 IMG_7323 IMG_7325 IMG_7333 IMG_7337 IMG_7338 IMG_7340 IMG_7345 IMG_7347 IMG_7351 IMG_7354 IMG_7355 IMG_7361 IMG_7369 IMG_7379 IMG_7388 IMG_7392 IMG_7409 IMG_7429 IMG_7446 IMG_7470 IMG_7502 IMG_7504 IMG_7509 IMG_7531 IMG_7537 IMG_7546 IMG_7616 IMG_7618 IMG_7621 IMG_7625 IMG_7628 IMG_7673 IMG_7675 IMG_7704 IMG_7708 IMG_7745 IMG_7759 IMG_7764 IMG_7772 IMG_7776 IMG_7781 IMG_7782 IMG_7788 IMG_7795 IMG_7799

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