MChat back in Lisboa


It’s not everyday that you get to spot this number of pieces from an artist who just been to Lisboa, and even more rare when all those pics were taken from the same person. I can say by experience it wasn’t easy finding all theseI wall you just found nearly 20 different pieces of MChat, and kindly shared them with us for the website. Check inside for the most recent actions by MChat.


mchat1 mchat2 mchat3 mchat5 mchat6 mchat7 mchat8 mchat9 mchat10 mchat11 mchat12 mchat13 mchat14 mchat15 mchat16 mchat17 mchat18 mchat19 mchat20 mchat22mchat23

All pics by I Wall You


  • Marta says:

    olá, existe também na rua de são sebastião da pedreira (Lisboa) e que não aparece neste painel.
    Gosto muito do gato que abraça quem passa em Lisboa 😉 obrigada.

  • gaga says:

    hi, thank’s a lot for all this picture of this is splendid to have a lot of him in your already very pretty city. i’m a french man and will come in Lisboa in january. do you think some of them will be keep on the wall at this moment? and have you got the adresse for doing visit of across Lisboa? thank’s a lot.

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