“Mário quem?” coming

This thursday, MontanaShop has a new show coming up with the artist Mário Belém, coming up with a series of curious portraits based on common expressions and Portuguese sayings, which the artist has a certain fascination with. One not to miss.

Mário quem?


“This is the paragraph in which the Artist shortly expresses noble emotions on his creation by juxtaposing some words, normally of conceptual nature, which in fact mean… jack shit.This is THE paragraph-attempt of all the exhibition sheets, listings, for the time being, flyers – you name it: it’s the ultimate shot to elevate both The Artist and its Work to some sort of superior condition, and in which one tries to make the exhibition look rather conceptual.But Mário is aesthetic and happy. And that’s it.” by Joana Barrios



ha-des de c  vir


Location: Montana Shop & Gallery, Rua da Rosa 14G, Lisboa
Opening: Thursday, March 7th, 2013 after 21h
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More info on Facebook, Instagram or Website.

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