“Diorama” by Vhils

Last Friday, as expected, Vera Cortês gallery was packed on a hot spring night for the new solo show by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. Prior to the show, three new pieces appeared in Lisboa this week, to anticipate the exhibition. Getting inside, each room had a distinctive technique in wich Alexandre Farto had worked on his pieces. The first, with a multi layered composition of street posters, collages and a some kind of resin giving it a glossy look. A 2nd room with his most significant pieces of the show, done on styrofoam with a light focus giving it a mad game of shadows. Front images reveal a face, while shifting your focus will give you a city skyline, part of Vhils urban language. The 3rd room had a mix of older techniques with stenciled posters, mixed with Portuguese patterns found on our very own traditional floors and walls. Last but not least were 2 other rooms, one with metal and acid etched pieces, and the last room with etched faces on wood. But hey, just see for yourself.

“Diorama” by Vhils


Room #1 – Mixed media on paper

Room #2 – Styrofoam

Room #3 – Mixed media on paper

Room #4 – Metal

Room #5 – Wood

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