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MappyArt (4)

These series of interventions already have some time, but since it’s new to the blog, it’s well worth the share. This last project from MappyArt has an interesting take on the reactions with the audience when facing a dilemma. Full explanation inside.


MappyArt (4)

“Don’t steal, you’re being filmed”

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“Here I am with a new project, this time and again with the same concept of trying to explore peoples reaction, with objects that don´t belong to specific public places. And trying to establish a cooperation attitude among all of us, on preserving and maintain the public welfare and with this, stimulating all kinds of intervention on our daily routines.”

MappyArt (2)
“This time the idea was bringing music to people, applying small radios on the bus stops, with the music on, so people can listen while they wait for the bus, they can tune the station and turn the volume up or down . And with that to see peoples reaction, to see how long the radios survive the Portuguese enormous impulse of taking them home , and of course, replacing the dead batteries with new ones would be wonderful, the climax of the whole porpoise of this intervention.”

MappyArt (1)
“This time, new security measures have been applied…” from the blog.

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