New show coming this thursday night to Montana Shop & Gallery by mDonada. This looks like an interesting show.



mDonada says: “COMYXZËTAMOL is a made up name using the words COMIC and PARACETAMOL (medicine), because the show is all around how comics have been/and still are my medicine, how I need them to feel better and happier, an influence since i started drawing when i was a kid to nowadays. All the characters, things, themes..etc that inspired me somehow. Its kind of a tribute to say thank you to all those great artists that mean a lot to me.”

mDonada is a graphic designer and illustrator from Madrid, Spain. After being submerged in piles of paper, pens, cartoons and drawings in 1996 he builds a bigger spaceship and cross the sky of graphic design, a trip that has taken him to live a bunch of amazing adventures, reaching hundreds of different planets and stars and creating several constellations of joy.


COMYXZETAMOL by mDonada (RSVP Facebook event)

Location: Montana Shop & Gallery – Rua da Rosa 14 G, Bairro Alto
Opening: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 at 20h

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