Vhils turning point

While various artists find their golden egg and stick to it for as long as they can, Vhils is one of the artists who’s always pushing the movement forward. In recent talks he had already revealed his wish to take on a new approach to the concrete walls, but nothing would make me imagine this leap forward. Vhils ditching the figurative pieces, working on his first abstract piece,  in the heart of Lisboa. Enjoy. UPDATE: Check the end of the post…

Vhils new work in Lisboa

April’s Fool

So as you’d expect, this was indeed an April Fools prank.
Vhils had no part on this, and had no idea I was about to do this.
But the funny part was that some people actually questioned me whether this was true or not.
So, here’s the best reactions to the prank.

Typical Reaction:

– No… Seriously? *Stare at the screen for 2m* Er… I don’t get it.
(Well, that’s why you call it abstract)

Over thinking it:

– I actually opened Photoshop, messed with the contrasts and by that time I was already seeing faces in it. Ok, it was 5am and I was tired, but that’s still no excuse, ahah.
(There was people thinking this was something  like one of  those 3d book things as well, where you must close your eyes a bit and pray…)


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