Orelha Negra X Vhils giveaway

It’s giveaway time. Orelha Negra just released the awesome new videoclip for M.I.R.I.A.M. in collaboration with artist Vhils, and to thank everybody for the support, we’re giving away 5 signed Orelha Negra vinyls & 5 signed Vhils books. Check the rules inside to win. Twitter updated rules do to twitter acting up.

M.I.R.I.A.M. videoclip

The Prize

5 signed Orelha Negra vinyls & 5 signed Vhils books (Winners will win 1 vinyl & 1 book)


  • The contest is open to everyone (worldwide), and will be ongoing until it reaches the end of the day of Monday 28th. In other words, on Monday 28th when the clock turns from 11:59pm to 12pm of Tuesday 1st, the contest is over;
  • I’ll randomly generate a number for each day, giving one winner per day the double prize.
  • The best way to win, is to simply enter once each day;
  • Only one entry valid per day on FB and Twitter (you can enter once on each platform, each day)
  • The results will be announced on Tuesday, and the winners contacted.

The Rules on Twitter

Follow @stick2target and/or @Orelhanegra and RT this message:

RT @stick2target to win Vhils signed books & @OrelhaNegra signed vinyls  #onxv Video http://goo.gl/oWAgA Rules http://goo.gl/8mDKR #giveaway

It is important you leave the #onxv so we can track you. Only 1 RT valid per day.

The Rules on Facebook

On Facebook, simply leave a like or a comment on the video of my FB page and share the video on your fb wall to show them some love. Let’s spread the word on the video.
(Each video has a day in it’s detail, and I’ll be checking everyday by midnight who was on it, so no point on getting there in the last day, and leaving a “Like” in all the past pics).

Good luck everyone!

Winners of this giveaway:

  • André Lopes Gonçalves
  • Yvonne De La Iglesia Bebié- Tschäppeler
  • jorgeviegas
  • Daina Mic
  • Maria Papoila

Thank you all for participating and hopefully there will be more giveaways in the future.

This Giveaway is NOW CLOSED

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