“We Dream in Colors” coming

We Dream in Colors
By the hands of Yellow Pants Gallery, comes the first group exhibition taking place in Lisboa. The show contains works by Buff Monster, Dave Kinsey, Fefe Talavera, Maya Hayuk, Sickboy, Remed and Zosen. Flyer and further info inside.

“We Dream in Colors” flyer

We Dream in Colors
YellowPants Gallery is pleased to announce “We Dream in Colors”, a group exhibition featuring new work and installations by an eclectic group of seven artists. Buff Monster, Dave Kinsey, Fefe Talavera, Maya Hayuk, Sickboy, Remed and Zosen are the roster of artists exhibiting their work together for the first time in Lisbon, Portugal.

“We Dream in Colors” brings together a group of artists whose establishment is a result of an outsider and non-traditional path through the art world. Emerging from the sub-cultures of Graffiti, Street Art, Skateboarding, Graphic Design, Music and D.I.Y. Attitude, these artists have established a very personal path that lead to continuous projects and exhibitions all over the world. Their talent and success has already been embraced by several museums and institutions such as Tate Modern, The Bristol Museum, Urbis Museum, Orebro Art Museum, and many others.

Even though each of the exhibiting artists has an individual aesthetic, form of medium, subject matter and form of expression, a strong use of color – not often found in the street and urban art movements – is present in each one of them.

“We Dream in Colors” – the first group exhibition curated by YellowPants Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal – is in itself a sample of the gallery’s vision, forthcoming exhibitions and curatorial mission.

“We Dream in Colors” (RSVP facebook event)


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Start Time: Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at 21h
End Time: Monday, January 3rd, 2011
Location: MONTANA SHOP & GALLERY LISBOA Rua da Rosa nº14G – Bairro Alto

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