Por um país mais pobre

Por um país mais pobre
Crisis is hitting hard everywhere and Portugal is no exception. These posters were released on general strike day. The motivation behind the posters, pics and video inside. Although all of the news are more than 2 or 3 years old, it still matters. The campaign is out on the streets of Lisboa.

“Por um país mais pobre” (For a poorer country)

Por um país mais pobre
Por um país mais pobre
Por um país mais pobre

The story behind – Fact I

José Sócrates the Prime Minister of Portugal has been involved in several scandals during the past years, which if you’re not Portuguese you may not be aware. That said, during a speech José Sócrates had a lapse in his words:

“and the assurance that each one of you will give it’s best for a righteous country, for a poorer country *er cof cof* forgive me, for a righteous and more solidarity country”

The story behind – Fact II

Ok, so he made a mistake. And we all know Portuguese politics are also making the common effort to improve the country financial economy, right? iOnline, a portuguese newspaper left these news back in 2009 here and here. The news are related to the fact that José Sócrates is one of the exclusive clients of the most expensive store in the world. Names like Robert De Niro, Sir Elton John, Al Pacino, Steven Spielberg, and some other personalities are part of this very exclusive list of customers. The Prime Minister who “declared” to only have a wage of 5.000€, got his name on the window of this LA store, where a complete smoking can get up to 37.000€.
Jose Socrates

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