Mais Menos ± new website

Mais Menos
Artist MaisMenos ± just created a website dedicated to his street interventions, familiar to all the ones who’ve seen those big stencil statements wether in Lisboa or Porto mainly.

Some of Mais Menos works

Mais Menos
Mais Menos

You can check his website here.


  • Jose Costa Rodrigues says:

    Olá. Gostaria de contactar o artista maismenos a respeito de uma peça sua intitulada “capitaclysm”.

    Podem ajudar?

  • Stefano Taccone says:

    Dear Mais Menos ±,
    I am an a young italian critic and curator who has always worked on the relationship between art and politics, art and activism.
    I write because I want to tell you about my new project where I I would like to invite you to participate. It is an exhibition that in late April I inaugurate in the Disturb space of Scafati (Scafati is about ten miles south of Naples), an independent space that opened recently … In reality it is a sort of revival of an exhibition of 40 years ago (always held in Scafati in 1972) attended by about thirty artists who wanted to join arttistic practical and political engagement. The exibition was a sort of introduction to the birth of the movement “Prop-Art” (art of propaganda), who developed the motif of the fusion between art and activism going to operate on the streets during the demonstrations… The idea is to revive the exhibition with artists who have had since the age of the original actors, but of course, with today references: to the global crisis and a with an overview very close to new movements that were born a bit ‘all over the world in the last year (Indignados, Occupy…)
    On the other hand, in fact, with regard to the display, I am inspired by an exhibition that was held a few months ago as part of Wall Street Occupy, titled “This is what democracy looks like”. The contribution that I ask you, and all the other invited artists, is therefore not a true work. I ask a contribution rather poor, small, easy to send by mail – or even a file to send by email that we can print – it can take the form of a poster, a flyer, a photograph, a drawing, a written or even of an object. The end result will be an individual work and collective, in which individual contributions will form one large mural. Then, considering the dead line for sending the contribution is April 15, look forward to hearing!
    Thank you and greetings

    PS: So, if you want, we could finally do something together… All I ask from now on, addressing the issues inherent in this project, to write to the following address:, which also have access to the two girls who are helping me in this project, Silvia Vicinanza and Ilaria Tamburro.

    P.S.: If you send me an email address, I send you some images of “This is what democracy looks like”.

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