1/81 at Coa Museum

Coa Museum is currently hosting group show “1/81” curated by Paulo Arraiano, exhibiting works from Alexandre Farto (Vhils), Miguel Januário, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Matos, Ricardo Passaporte, Sandro Resende, Susana Anágua and Ana João Romana, which will remain until September. Read more inside.


A central part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of CPS – Centro Portugue?s de Serigrafia
( Portuguese Printmaking Centre ) was a group exhibition at the Coa Museum. The exhibition occupies the museum’s three temporary exhibition rooms, each with its unique focus. The first room displays a total of seven editioned works – one by each participating artist. The second and main exhibition room is dedicated to new original works exhibited for the first time, while the third room is a photography and video installation documenting the artists relationship with the printmaking studio.

“1/81” comes from the correlation of the existing mass between the Earth and the Moon. Being this last one the Earth’s only natural satellite and the fifth biggest of the Solar System, it’s also the biggest natural satellite of a planet in the solar system. Regarding its primary body size, it has a 27% diameter and 60% of Earth’s density, representing 1/81 of its mass.

“We correlate ourselves in a so-called contemporary society controlled by artificial satellites, where the speed of a post-digital and new media generation dictates time and velocity, and artificially replaces the natural/analogical world. “Scrolling” reality in search of “new stories”, one’s loss of references for contemplation has become constant, increasingly contributing to distance human beings from nature. A reality where the pictorial tradition of landscaping no longer seems adequate to deal with the intricate web of meanings brought forth by the great networks and metropolises.”

– Paulo Arraiano, curator.

InstallationView_MiguelJanuario InstallationView_PauloArraiano InstallationView_PedroMatos InstallationView_RicardoPassaporte InstallationView_SandroResende InstallationView_SusanaAnagua_AnaRomana InstallationView1 Installationview2 InstallationView3 InstallationView4 InstallationViewPrint1 InstallationViewPrint2 InstallationViewPrint3 InstallationViewPrint4 InstallationViewPrint5 MiguelJanuarioDetail

Photos by Maria Rita

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