Introducing Yellow Pants Gallery

Yellow Pants Gallery
Yellow Pants Gallery was created in 2010 by 2 portuguese artists – Pedro Matos and Maria Imaginário. Together, they are already promising to bring some big international artists to the Portuguese scenario. More info inside about Yellow Pants Gallery, some previews as to what to expect this year on shows in Lisboa, and they already have some Remed originals artworks for sale.

About Yellow Pants

Yellow Pants Gallery represents a select group of emerging and established artists focusing on showing and furthering urban and contemporary art.
We are committed to introducing challenging and innovative works of art to an international audience while pushing the boundaries of the art scene in Lisbon.
Yellow Pants Gallery curates exhibitions and events in different spaces and locations, providing the artists the right platform to showcase their work while making it accessible to a wide and diversified audience.

Featured Artists:

Anthony Lister, Buff Monster, Dave Kinsey, Fefe Talavera, Gaia, HuskMitNavn, Maria Imaginario, Maya Hayuk, Mr. Jago, Pedro Matos, Remed, Sickboy, Will Barras, Zosen, WK Interact
Yellow Pants

Upcoming shows in Portugal

Remed Ama Lisboa – Lisbon, September 2010

Solo Exhibition – Lisbon, October 2010
Maria Imaginário

“We Dream In Colors” – Lisbon, 4 December 2010
Buff Monster, Dave Kinsey, Fefe Talavera, Maya Hayuk, Sickboy, Remed, Zosen

Solo Exhibition – Lisbon, February 2011

2 Man Exhibition – Lisbon, March 2011
Mr.Jago & Will Barras

“Urban Decor: From the streets of New York” – Lisbon, April 2011
Anthony Lister, Gaia, Imminent Disaster, UR New York, WK Interact

But for now…

Yellow Pants already has some Remed artwork for sale, with originals being shown through their website. Check here!
Remed Yellow Pants


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