The Fountain by YUP & Leonor Morais

The Fountain
Not much is going on in Portugal at the moment, as summer here strikes hard and the only thing people think about is hitting the beach and drink some beers at a nice place (can you blame us?). Although August is usually a vacations period, Paulo Arraiano and Leonor Morais have been involved in a project that will see that light of days (litteraly) this Friday 20th, tomorrow. Another good note on this project, is that it isn’t centralized in Lisboa or Porto, but rather in one of the islands of Açores. Too bad it’s just too far for us on the main land.

Teaser pics by YUP

The concept

A ritual that will take place in the Chapel of Nª Srª dos Remédios in Formosa beach, Stª Maria Island.
This old chapel lost in the mystic Azores Islands is a place that people used for prayer and cure,
it has a sacred fountain were people washed themselves in search of cure. A place for magic, rituals and miracles.

“The Fountain”
20 August 2010
Opening 21,00h

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