Monsieur Chat in Lisboa

While running around Bairro Alto last week with a friend, we came across a small stencil from Monsieur Chat, to which we quickly said “hum, don’t think it’s true. There’s Banksy’s small rats here too, must be a copy”. Turns out, Monsieur Chat has been in Lisboa and there’s video to prove it. He hit’d Parque Mayer with what is truly his signature, big yellow cats smiling back to the people. Check the video inside. Just wished I’d knew he was around…

In Bairro Alto

Monsieur Chat
Rua da Rosa, nº 309 – Bairro Alto


Ambiance Botanical Garden, end of day, Lisbon. In this garden, humans are like those animals seen on the walls of the palace of the Marquis of Fronteira. Under the gaze of the man transformed into an owl, a man sitting on the floor like a little monkey, draw an imaginary animal, born of the encounter between a cat and a bird. He landed on the walls to the traveler, curious, or just one who likes to get lost in Lisbon. At the bottom of the park Mayer, on the walls of Bairro Alto, or the stairs leading to Principe Real, you may encounter, in turn, this strange animal.

More pics from Monsieur Chat:


Pics via Galeria Arte Urbana
Video via Grafismo, Reabilitaçao e Renovação pela Arte Urbana


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