Happy Xmas 09

Happy Xmas 09
Can someone explain me why I see more and more porn female Santas, rather than the big fat bastard nowadays? I know a lot of guys were deceived as children that Santa did exist, only to later find out that it was all a lie. And then, they grow up and the feeling that they were deceived for so long, grows into a bigger, kinkier motive… One with a sluty female Santa, that they want to punish for that night. Might that be the reason? Hum…
To all the followers of this blog out there, I wish you a sincere Happy Xmas 2009. To all the other ones… Hum… Well I wish that you do start following this blog, and a So So Xmas… For sure Santa can tell you haven’t been in your best behavior, eheh. And come back next week, as from now on this website will have an annual look back at the best Portuguese events and artists brought to you on this site. Stay tuned…


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