It’s all in the details…

Sometimes that’s what it makes me smile towards a work. The details or the little story behind a what may seam like a regular work. It gets your attention, and you go crazy about it. I just finished reading this little talk between Brad Downey and Dave the Chimp, towards a book they’re creating. Please give it a read inside, or inside Brad Downey website. There’s also been a lot of talk on his latest work, where Brad did a huge Mac logo on a wall. Just like that, plain and simple logo with tagline. Mac had nothing to do with it nor gave in some money. You can also read that story here.

Brads drawing encounters some trouble

Brad has contributed two drawings to the new colouring book by Dave the Chimp.
It seems one has been rejected.

Hi Brad, I had this email from the editor at my publisher: CHIMP

There was one artwork that we thought did cross the obscenity line in terms of the book being meant both for kids and adults. This was Brad Downey’s piece on page 25 which features in the foreground what appears to be a metal barricade either being buggered by another or possibly giving the other a blowjob. I personally found it brilliant, but all it would take is one parent pointing it out to bookshop staff or the distributor for the entire volume to be pulled off the shelves or out of bookshops entirely.

Daves response:

Technically, Brad hasn’t created anything obscene – he has just observed how barriers are joined together, and then reconfigured the positions of the barriers so that YOU give them a human or animal form and then picture them having sex! A barrier is an inanimate object with no sex organs. It can’t have sex. Therefore all we need to do is supply every shop with a text stating that, if anyone complains, the managers or staff point out that it is impossible for a street barrier to move by itself, let alone participate in the act of intercourse, and that anyone who even sees such a repugnant act in a book for children should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and their perverted imagination. I would also recommend the store manager bans any such person from the children’s section of their store. But obviously I don’t want to have the books banned from stores, so I’ll talk to Brad and see if we can find a solution. CHIMP

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